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Jan Kotěra

Jan Kotěra (1871-1923) was a Czech architect, urbanist and painter, one of the key figures of modern architecture in Bohemia.

As a teacher, Jan Kotěra trained the generation of Czech architects, including Josef Gočár.

Kotěra works include:
Trmalova villa in Prague
Trmalova villa is an unique example of the architectural creation of family estates from the first half of the 20th century.
Trmalova villa is the oldest villa of four accessible museums – houses in Prague (Müller villa, Bilkova villa and Rothmayer villa). It was built for major teacher and school inspector František Trmal in years 1902-1903. The villa is an excellent example of a serie of villas and houses designed by Kotěra in the early 20th century. The serie includes for example Fröhlichova villa in Černošice, Máchova villa in Bechyně or Sucharda villa with a studio in Prague. All of these villas are unique unification of Art Nouveau geometric ornament, English rural architecture and Slavic tradition, which can be seen on numerous colourful details on Trmalova villa – such as polygonal buttress and bay, tall chimneys, half-timbered gables and dormers. Round the villa there is a large and picturesquely designed garden by Jan Kotěra. Trmalova villa boasts a decorative staircase with geometric and floral ormanents, alternating fields of varied colours. In the villa you can find a lot of exhibitions from a serie Famous villas or Famous buildings and thematic exhibitions, dealing with the architecture of villas.

Museum of East Bohemia
The Museum of East Bohemia in Hradec Králové can be found on Eliščino Embankment and is housed in a grand building, designed by architect Jan Kotěra between 1909 and 1912 and declared the national monument in 1995. Today the museum looks after a rich array of natural history as well as large archaeological, design, ethnografical, numismatical and historical collections from Prehistory to the present day.

Hotel Chateau Kotěra - Ratboř Chateau
The Hotel Chateau Kotěra is located within a reconstructed castle in the middle of an extensive castle park in the parish of Ratboř, not far from Kolín. Ratiboř Chateau was built by the architect Jan Kotěra for the Mandelik family, owners of a sugar factory in Ratboř, between 1911 and 1913.

Kotěra other works:
- reconstruction of the Červený Hrádek (chateau) near Sedlčany (1895)
- Peterka House in Wenceslas Square in Prague (1899-1900)
- Manes Pavilion in Prague
- National House in Prostejov (1905-1907)
- Water-Tower in Prague Michle (1906-1907)
- Laichter House (1909)
- Slavia Bank in Sarajevo (1911-1912)
- Lembergr-Gombrich Palace in Vienna (1913-1914)
- Villa of Kotěra in Prague - Vinohrady
- Villa of Tomáš Baťa in Zlín

Till 19 September 2010 you can visit an exhibition of the National Gallery called „Na účetním lístku“ at Veletržní Palace in Prague. This exhibition presents personalities of Czech art - architect Jan Kotěra, the painter František Tichý, Vincent Beneš and Hugo Boettinger from the unique perspective. There are not final masterpieces of paintings or sketches, but spontaneous ideas and authentic records on an ordinary "ugly" paper - on a receipt, theatre program, writing paper, on a slip of a paper from a restaurant, when there was nothing better at hand. The exhibited paintings by Jan Kotěra come from years 1911-1917.

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